Katie Dey 'flood network'

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Australian recording artist Katie Dey’s ‘nightmare pop’ weaves through gorgeous and unexpected sound- scapes – at times weirdly off-putting, at others beautiful and ethereal – all anchored by a hypnotic sense of melody. Following 2015’s Orchid Tapes-issued critical darling ‘asdfasdf’, ‘Flood Network’ further explores the beauty in chaos and even destruction. Shape-shifting interludes realign the listener’s perspective between immersive sonic environments where melody and lyrics could mean anything, everything and nothing all at once.

1. All
2. (f1)
3. Fleas
4. (f2)
5. Frailty
6. (f3)
7. Fake Health
8. (f4)
9. Fear O The Light
10. (f5)
11. So You Pick Yourself Up
12. (f6)
13. Only To Trip And Fall Down Again
14. (f7)
15. Debt
16. (f8)
17. It’s Simpler To Make Home On The Ground