Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else 'Hot Spring'

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Spencer Radcliffe and Everyone Else’s Hot Spring is a treatise on being present. It’s something sun bleached and clothbound, forever warmed on the dashboard, “a sequel of sorts,” Radcliffe says, referring to 2017’s Enjoy The Great Outdoors. And they’re heading back out with him, Everyone Else is, Radcliffe’s trustworthy companions: Ben Austin (cello), Grant Engstrom (lead guitar), Tina Scarpello (vocals), and Jack Schemenauer (percussion), with the addition of Pat Lyons playing the pedal steel guitar. Recorded by the band and handed off to JJ Golden, to safely wedge the message in the wire, a modern day telegraph affair. Hot Spring gives us space to see where we are, to clean up with a sound that is cleanly consistent in itself, coming back on some familiar-enough seeming things as the landscapes and seasons have moved past and with everyone.


Take a few steps in that direction. Get a closer view to be sure. Listen with one eye open.

1. The Birds
2. Bloodletting
3. True Love’s Territory
4. Clocktower
5. Here Comes The Snow
6. Floss For The Future
7. Thick Fog
8. Walking Back
9. No Money
10. Centaur’s Song