American Pleasure Club ' A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This'

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American Pleasure Club is a rock band from Baltimore, Maryland led bysinger, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Sam Ray. Accompanied by lifelong friends Sean Mercer, Daniel Windsor, and Nick Hughes, they make genre-defining music that dances effortlessly between scuzzy, full band rock songs,acoustic-led folk, electronic-pop experimentalism, and many other sounds.Ray started the band in 2009 under the name "Teen Suicide", and released his first album in 2011, when it was still a solo project. Each successive release brought with it new sounds, as well as new band-members, and by the time the last album under the name was released in 2016, they were working more as a collective than a proper unit, recording songs any-way they saw fit, with whoever was available and willing to help.Now, years later, with a proper lineup, a new name, and a brand new commitment and purpose, the band returns with the most cohesive & definitive album of their career thus far. By finding ways to meld the disparate influences and styles of their past work, while also breaking new ground with their songwriting & fidelity, they've created something unique and beguiling to old and new fans alike.Seamlessly blending sounds and influences as diverse as american folk & country traditions, drum n' bass, japanese ambient music, modern rap, classic scuzzy 80s+90s indie rock, and synth-ballads recalling badalamenti &julee cruise's iconic, haunted film scores for david lynch, "A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This" is an album that everyone on earth will love.


1. florida (voicemail)
2. this is heaven & id die for it
3. all the lonely nights in your life
4. sycamore
5. lets move to the desert
6. there was a time when i needed it
7. seemed like the whole world was lost 8. new years eve
9. before my telephone rings
10. just a mistake
11. eating cherries
12. the sun was in my eyes