Camera Shy - Crystal Clear 7"

Released: April 18th, 2015 · RFC:124

Crystal Clear, the new EP from Camera Shy, is a collection of three songs to be released on Record Store Day 2015. With their debut self-titled LP due out later this year, the band teases with the same sound that they offered on their first release, 2013’s Jack-O-Lantern EP. The sim- ple, delicate guitar playing of Nick Bassett paired with the angelic voice of Alexandra Morte are songs made for the spring. Lush and inviting on songs such as the title track and “Deep Blue,” Camera Shy provides an alternate reality than the one defined by Bassett’s other projects, wheth- er it be the dreary nihilism of Nothing or the mumbling apathy of Whirr. Rather, Crystal Clear sounds as if it was a field recording of songs composed inside a dream - the band’s unadorned song formula and the hazy, atmospheric background noise make this record sound nothing less than ethereal.